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New Jersey Center for Mindful Awareness

Guided Mindfulness Practices
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Audio Files for MBSR Course

Body Scan

Intro to Body Scan (4:41 mins)
Body Scan 1 (22:12 mins)
Body Scan 2 Intro (7:12 mins)
Body Scan 2 (29:25 mins)

Sitting Meditation

Intro to Sitting Meditation (4:26 mins)
Sitting Meditation Track 1(14:45 mins)
Sitting Meditation Track 2 (12:15mins)
Sitting Meditation Track 3( 20:08mins)

Mindful Yoga

Intro to Mindful Yoga CD(3:59 mins)
Mindful Yoga Practice (45 mins)
Lying Down Practice (14:12 mins)

Additional Audio Files recorded by Maria Martinez Alonso

    Guided Mindfulness Practices in Spanish                    Guided Mindfulness Practices in French

            Sitting Meditation (10 mins)                                                      Sitting Meditation (10 mins)
     Meditacion con la atencion en la respiracion                             Meditation assise avec pleine conscience de la respiration

                                                       10 Minute Sitting Meditation

Cultivating Mindful Awareness

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